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Harmful Cleaning Vs Natural Cleaning

31 Aug 2019 11:57 AM | Laura Martinez

     The effects of the many harmful cleaners so easily and readily available are to numerous to list them all. There are so many volatile chemicals in so many cleaners, that it is virtually impossible to find a safe cleaner.

      The effects are terrible, and cause many side effects, including messing up your hormones, irritating lungs, eyes and skin. In addition, many are even known to cause cancer, and even death.

      The effects to not only people and children, but also to pets and the environment have affected the earth's ecology. Some of these chemicals leach into the water and kill marine life, and beneficial bacteria. It has impacted the human race like never before, and we have had such a profound increase in cancers and other diseases due to the chemicals found in our cleaners.

     The benefits of green cleaning is that the products are natural and have no side effects and minimal precautions, if any. There is no long term effects, and can safely be dumped down the drain or toilet or outside with no adverse effects.

      IJCSA offers all the information you need, and provides a directory or certified green cleaners, and certification courses.


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