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Janitorial Worker Union Organizes Drive For Farm Workers’ Families In Mexico

15 Dec 2015 11:40 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
Janitorial Worker Union Organizes Drive for Farm Workers’ Families in Mexico

A San Francisco chapter of Service Employees International Union has launched a holiday drive to take toys and clothing to the children of farm workers in Mexico, according to union officials.

Leadership of SEIU Local 87, which is primarily comprised of janitorial workers in San Francisco, announced the drive on Sunday.

The effort is focused on supporting the families of agricultural workers in the town of San Quintin in Baja California.

Those workers in Mexico have been “violently repressed” while trying to orchestrate strikes and other worker actions, according to the union.

Union members will also be traveling to Tijuana in Mexico to host a luncheon in support of these workers. They are trying to raise another $3,000 before Saturday to pay for the trip, union officials said.

More at source: SF Appeal

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