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Town saves roughly 60K on janitorial services.

10 Jun 2016 11:05 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
KILLINGLY – A new municipal building cleaning contract recently finalized by Killingly officials is expected to save the town tens of thousands of dollars annually, while also consolidating a former patchwork of services.
Town officials last month hired Brooklyn-based Crystal Clear Services LLC to handle the cleaning of Town Hall, the public library and the community center, buildings that were previously cleaned by a combination of private contractors and town employees.

“Up to now, Jani-Tech Cleaning Systems did the library, while Town Hall was cleaned by a municipal worker and the community center work was split between the two,” Finance Director Mary Calorio said. “By bidding out all the work, we expect to save $60,000 a year.”
Crystal Clear, one of four companies to bid on the three-year contract and conduct walk-throughs of the three town buildings, will be paid $28,340 a year and begin work July 1.
“That date coincides with the retirement of our town worker, who’s leaving after 40 years on June 30,” Calorio said. “So we looked at this as an opportunity to revisit our current system and try to find some economy of scale.”
Calorio said the new company will be doing the bulk of the cleaning work at night – a change from the old schedule which Recreation Director Tracy Mason, whose department works out of the Broad Street community center, was pleased with.

More at source:  Norwich Bulletin

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