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EOTEC approves contract for maintenance, janitorial

16 Feb 2017 9:20 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

The Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center board approved a contract Friday for maintenance and janitorial services.

The Hermiston Farm Fair in November was one of several events at the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center in 2016. EOTEC brought in $26,444 in revenue since July 1.

The contract is with Mabel Largaespada Dean’s Services, which will provide janitorial services for $22 per hour per person, and maintenance/lawn care for $40 per hour per person. The board previously voted to seek out a contractor to handle those services after concerns that business manager Heather Cannell was devoting time to cleaning bathrooms and setting up tables that she should be spending on marketing the event center.

More at source: East Oregeonian 

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