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Cleaning O’Hare International Airport costs big money. 8 million in cost over runs.

14 Mar 2017 6:42 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

The 2012 city contract with United Maintenance was for $99.4 million, a payout that has since ballooned by nearly $8 million in 2017.

“United Maintenance came in and underbid the contract right off the start to get the work,” says Tom Balanoff, president of SEIU Local 1, the labor union that once represented O’Hare’s janitors. “And then they turned back on the city and said, ‘Okay, now we got the work — give us more money.’”

United Maintenance also came under fire in a 2015 federal lawsuit, filed by some O’Hare janitors accusing the firm of wage theft. The company settled the lawsuit last fall for $850,000 but admitted no wrongdoing.

Video at source: CBS

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