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The importance of cleaning staff knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens

09 Aug 2022 9:06 PM | Jony Kosman

It is extremely important for cleaning employees to be aware of bloodborne Pathogens and their risks. It can be the difference between life and death. Cleaning staff can come in contact with bodily fluids or Other Potentially Infectious Materials at any time while cleaning. This settings can include hospitals, clinics, Nurse Homes and even at homes when someone is infected. Cleaning staff should always follow universal precautions to keep themselves and others safe and stop the spread of any infectious diseases. 

The bloodborne pathogens training course is a crucial tool to help employees to be aware of the risks involved and to know how to use universal precautions to stay safe and healthy. This includes wearing proper PPE (disposable gloves, masks and goggles) and using the proper methods and chemicals to disinfect equipment and areas. Without following these precautions, employees can be exposed and infected by bloodborne pathogens and can spread them to others. 

Even though the majority of time, cleaners cleaning houses, schools, churches etc.. are at a low risk environment and should not be coming in contact with bloodborne pathogens or OPIM, they still should have the proper training to be able to handle situations when it happens and reduce the chance of anyone getting infected with bloodborne pathogens. The number one rule in the cleaning industry is to always be safe and use safety measures and precautions. 


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