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The Importance of Cleaning Bloodborne Pathogens

27 Feb 2021 10:35 AM | Gregory Shurn

Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms, that can cause disease. They are found in human blood, and bodily fluids, such as Mucus, Semen, Saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, and any other fluid that mixes with blood. Being that these pathogens are pathogenic and disease causing, and also microorganisms, they add great dangers to employees and staff members, because the the human eye cannot see them.

All employees and staff should be trained properly on how to clean bloodborne pathogens, because of the high risk and life threatening illnesses that may occur, due to the exposure of pathogens, in a contaminated area. Which can include diseases such as hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) known as the virus that causes AIDS.

Although, Bloodborne pathogens are viruses that deteriorate cells within the body, And a virus is a submicroscopic organism that depends on cells for their nutrients, so the virus can survive and reproduce. When cleaning a contaminated area, it is very important to avoid any splatters or come in contact with any puncture, to the skin , because these pathogens are known to spread.. And if someone has cut themselves or been stuck by a needle, they should wash the area thoroughly, and monitor their health for the next few days, before consulting a physician. Most importantly, wear gloves, goggles, and treat all blood and bodily fluid spills as if they are infectious.


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