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09 Apr 2021 2:19 PM | James Lamarre

          Green cleaning services companies are the future of all cleaning companies. That is why it is important to promote it and increase customers' awareness about green cleaning. The first step in green cleaning company promotion is 1. Define yourself: We need to explain to our customers what green cleaning is and why it is so special for our health and the environment.

          2. Understand customers: that is the next step for green cleaning promotion. After we described the meaning of "green," now we need to focus on what is important for our clients, and it is to get both quality and affordability cleaning services.

          3. Promotion via social media: It is essential to promote business through social media. As you know, in the 21st-century social media is very popular, which means that if we post any information about our company on social media, it will increase awareness of the business. I think it is one of the best ways of promotion.


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