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The importance of Janitors/Cleaning Personnel to our daily lives

16 Jul 2021 5:26 PM | Deleted user
In these unprecedented times of contagious viruses and bacteria it is essential for cleaning personnel to maintain a clean and safe environment for the public. These viruses can be transmitted from one surface to another simply by coming in contact with a host unknowingly. The best defense is offense in combating these often invisible (to the naked eye) viruses and bacteria from spreading from one host to another. "The work you do reflects on you", as a whole, the facility you maintain, and your entire organization. Follow safety protocols to ensure you're not part of the transmission problem but part of the solution. Always wear the proper PPE, disinfect thoroughly, use safe storage and handling guidelines of chemicals and equipment and proper labeling and disposal practices. Pay special attention to detail, (all touch surfaces) maintain a proper image and communicate with anyone whom reports an area of concern or special attention when needed. Remember, you are a front line worker in which the "public's safety" is relied upon you and the service you provide.


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