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The Benefits of the IJCSA Certifications

09 Apr 2021 11:04 AM | Martha Wilson

When I first started this journey of obtaining these certifications I did not realize the knowledge that I would obtain.  I have learned so much from these courses. I have found value in these certifications that will save me so much time and money. 

One of the benefits of choosing to further your knowledge is that it will save you time and money. These course will give you the tools that you will need to apply to almost any cleaning situation. You will no longer have to deal with trial and error. Since these courses are always updating it will teach you the most recent way of handing situations. 

Another benefit is that you will have a team behind you. You may not know these people personally, but you have access to thousands of people who are in the same industry that more then likely has gone though what you are. They have experience that you may not have. You also have access to the discussion board which is a great tool to see how others have handled a situation or products that they may have used.

I also appreciate the directory that they allow you to have access to. Its important to know who you can turn to when in need. If you ever need help in another state or county you can always use the directory to find someone close by. And since IJCSA holds everyone to the same standards, you can feel confident in your decision to either refer someone to them or asking them for help.  

Lastly, these courses can keep me up to date on the latest news and methods of cleaning. The world is constantly changing, as are the cleaning standards. IJCSA is always renovating themselves to make sure their standards are always at the top. 

Knowledge is power. Why not use the knowledge that is at your finger tips with IJCSA? 


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