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"Why Is Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities So Important"

18 Apr 2021 9:21 PM | Kamala Waller

Proper cleaning in healthcare facilities is the first line of defense in protecting ourselves and others from germs, viruses, diseases and infections. Facilities should be cleaned according to standards by OSHA and appropriate cleaning products should be used just for healthcare facilities.  In fact, with so many people visiting healthcare facilities and people being seen by healthcare professionals on a daily basis it is imperative that those facilities are cleaned properly.  Due to the increased risk of infection from blood or other bodily fluids, OSHA maintains a strict cleaning regime for all health care facilities; to make sure everyone is doing what it takes to keep a safe and healthy environment.

Currently with the recent pandemic swarming around among many nations, the cleaning needs of healthcare facilities are a must. Consistent cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are vital in keeping healthcare facilities up to standard.  In order to keep everyone entering and leaving the facility safe and healthy, all cleaning personnel need to be well trained in how to clean a healthcare facility. A link is provided below that will help get your employees trained and certified with the cleaning standards associated with healthcare facilities:

The CDC and other healthcare organizations provide in-depth information in regards to training and cleaning healthcare facilities. We believe that it is important that everyone involved has an understanding of the basic beliefs and the importance of keeping healthcare facilities clean and disinfected.


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