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The Importance of Customer Service in the Cleaning Industry

14 Aug 2021 6:21 AM | Deleted user

Providing great customer service is essential when providing cleaning services.  Meeting and/or exceeding your customers' needs is the first step to a successful business model.  Before you can meet/exceed your customers needs, you need to identify them first.  Proper fact-finding questions during initial walk-throughs and pre-bid meetings is the most important step when identifying what your customer wants and needs.  Once you understand what they want and provide that service, then customer service is a breeze.

Simply proving the correct service in a timely manner is not the only pillar to customer service.  Another important detail is to maintain communication and proper billing with your clients.  As long as there is good service and communication, the customers will be happy.  The members here at the IJCSA are committed to learning and implementing proper procedures to further their customer service skills.  You can find a list of members in your area by following this link.


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