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Benefits of being IJCSA Master Green Cleaning Certified

28 May 2021 8:11 AM | James Lamarre

The best thing about being IJCSA Master Green Cleaning Certified is that my awareness about green cleaning is increased. I think it's very important to know more about cleaning with natural products; now, I feel safer because I know many dangerous chemical components I need to avoid.

There are many natural cleaning products like baking soda, salt, white vinegar, essential oils, etc. Also, we can mix them and create effective cleaning agents. I can also introduce some recipes from this certification course that I checked and liked a lot because they were easy to make but effective; for example, we can create a glass cleaner agent if we mix one-gallon water and ½ cup white vinegar. There is also the recipe for hard surfaces cleaning: mix ¼ cup lemon juice with ½ cup olive oil, etc.

The most important thing that I learned from this course is that I should be more careful with some chemical components because most of them are toxic and dangerous for our health and the environment. I will list some toxic chemicals that I need to avoid: ammonia, benzene, chlorine, formaldehyde, dioxane, kerosene, methanol, naphthas, etc.

IJCSA Master Green Cleaning Certification Course was helpful because it helped me to improve my knowledge of green cleaning.


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