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The importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

30 Jun 2021 8:56 PM | Lewis Mcdonald

Bloodborne pathogens are a part of our world, let us not be ignorant of this fact. Since this is in fact our reality, it is very important that we understand the dangers, that these bloodborne pathogens present. Sickness is a consequence of not properly handling hazardous materials. any staff cleaning or non cleaning should be taught how to handle hazardous materials, should a situation occur. The spread of these Pathogens is also a consequence of not having proper understanding of the dangers they present. Death could be the ultimate price paid, so it is very important for cleaning employees and staff to know about these bloodborne pathogens.

The Universal precautions and protective practices will go along way in the prevention of the spread of bloodborne pathogens, the safety guidelines are already in place for proper handling, labeling, and disposal of infected or potentially infected materials. All cleaning employees and staff are required by law to know how to handle hazardous materials, and it is very important to follow these procedures. These procedures are required to be rehearsed semi annual or annually for applicable staff, to reinforce the importance of knowing the dangers that bloodborne pathogens present.

Knowing is the key, because if we're aware we can take the necessary steps to safely deal with bloodborne pathogens. Safety is golden, going into the situation well prepared for the danger. Respect for other staff and people who are counting on us to do an effective job. Professionalism as frontline workers it is imperative that we understand the hazard and dangers of the potential spread of bloodborne pathogens. In closing it is very important for all cleaning employees and staff to know about bloodborne pathogens.


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