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Bloodborne Pathogens

19 Jul 2021 9:44 AM | Michael Relihan

In cleaning as advised by the CDC, it is very important to consider every patient as potentially infectious; because of this, employees must fully understand both the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and the procedures to be taken when approaching them. Workplace sanitation should never be taken lightly, and these requirements make everyone safer.

Many workers face exposure to bodily fluids regularly, so this training is essential in maintaining their health and safety. Following Universal Precautions, utilizing alternative color-coding, and bagging used disposables are just a few examples of these safety measures.

Other useful facts were shared as well such as the symptoms of HPV, HIV and AIDS to watch out for. Though, by following OSHA regulations, these infections can be avoided. Keeping these risks in mind may also help one stay diligent about their work.


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