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Bloodborne Pathogens.

25 Jul 2021 8:14 PM | Juan Manuel Moctezuma

It’s  important  to know the major role that the cleaning staff play in keeping themselves safe and the people they provide services for when dealing with bloodborne pathogens. Cleaning staff are in contact almost on a daily basis with a variety of viruses contained in blood and other body fluids.

A safe workplace should be  one of the top priorities of any business that provides cleaning services to clients.Proper training of cleaning personnel it’s an investment in itself ,because a well trained personnel not only protect themselves and others, but also it lowers accidents,injuries, and days lost of work.

Since staff of a cleaning services are the ones in the frontlines dealing with bloodborne, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces,it’s imperative to train them properly how to use personal protective equipment,how to follow the Universal Precautions as established by OSHA.


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