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The Importance of Customer Service

26 Jul 2021 6:07 PM | Frances Kelly

Top Janitorial and Cleaning Services with exceptional customer service  experiences. The IJCSA Member Companies are the best and take pride in the work in order to provide customer satisfaction!

These companies give their clients the opportunity to be heard, to be understood and comments positively with a smile and eye contact.

Also, they know the importance  of listening to every customers  concerns, emphathizing with the customer and clarifying the situation better understand.

Last, the IJCSA Member Companies thrives off of the significance of following up with their clients to get the feedback or to get their rate of satisfaction. These companies use a few ways to employ the follow ups by phone, email, card sent in the mail or offer a free or discounted services.

The IJCSA Member Companies information can be located at the following link. 

Frances Kelly

Apply The Pressure LLC 


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