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07 Oct 2021 3:49 PM | LeFawn Barefoot

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, and all of the questions it has brought to the public mind, maintaining a clean and sanitary home has never been more important. And likewise being able to find the most professional, safe and thorough cleaning services for one's home has never been more important, and thankfully easy.

The IJCSA provides not just a first rate system of training and certification covering every aspect of cleaning work, including residential cleaning. It also provides helpful tools for potential clients to find IJCSA members in their area and to suit their specific needs. IJCSA member businesses and their certified cleaners have been set up with every tool and skill necessary to clean a house quickly, and without missing a spot.

A clean home is a safe home. For those looking to stay clean, to say safe, and to feel fully confident in the services they are paying for, the IJCSA, and the host of residential cleaners that can be found among its membership are the best answer. Anyone interested can search for a IJCSA cleaner in their area using the following link:


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