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Advantages of a IJCSA Certified Residential Cleaner

09 Oct 2021 1:44 PM | LeFawn Barefoot

The cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing portions of the service sector in the world. There are countless cleaning companies out there, ranging across all sizes and the entire spectrum of the cleaning field. For large businesses looking for a commercial cleaner, the sheer breadth of options is a boon, one that they have the time and resources to manage. But for the average person just looking for a reliable cleaner to deep clean their home, the number of choices can be paralyzing.

Enter the IJCSA, and its Residential Cleaning Specialist Certification. The IJCSA RCS logo is a proven sign of a quality cleaning service, one that brings several key advantages to make a consumer's choice easy. These advantages are built into the RCS certification curriculum, making sure that no one earns the certificate without meeting its standard.

First, there is safety. Before a cleaner can even begin the training process for the RCS certification, they must also earn IJCSA certifications for bloodborne pathogens and hazardous chemicals. This means that any RCS certified cleaner is going to have a thorough understanding of the chemicals they are working with, and how they should be used, as well as a knowledge of the universal precautions for preventing exposure to and the spread of blood borne illnesses.

Second, there is customer service. A residential cleaner is a public facing profession, one that requires regular contact and communication with clients. A bad attitude or an inability to communicate and problem solve effectively can hamper this relationship. So as another prerequisite for the RCS certificate, a residential cleaner must also take IJCSA Customer Service Certification, to ensure that they know how to engage with clients in a respectful, productive manner.

Last, but far from least, is Training. Once a residential cleaner has demonstrated a knowledge of both safety and customer service skill sets, they move on to the RCS training course. Drawing from a wealth of experts and source material, the course offers a wealth of tricks and best practices covering every aspect of home cleaning. Whether it's soap scum in a standing shower, or a dirty oven, an RCS certified cleaner will know how to make it go away.

As has been said, there are a lot of options out there for residential cleaning services, and choice paralysis is a real problem for many consumers. Who is the best? Who can I trust in my home? They are valid questions, and the IJCSA certified Residential Cleaning Specialist has an answer. "I am."


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