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MRI Scanners - Breeding Ground for Disaster

11 Oct 2021 8:59 AM | Bryan Overton

I have been working in the MRI field for 37 years and have seen what body fluids are left on the table and in the bore for weeks at a time. In most facilities there is no one who is tasked with the cleaning for a MRI scanner. It take a highly skilled individual or group to maintain a clean system. Most sites depend on the technologists to keep it clean.

In my literature reading. I have found many sites who have encountered patients who mysteriously end up with some kind of pathogen and can not trace the source. Many times I would suggest check the MRI or CT scanner table and bore. 

I opened my service to provide sites with this protection that at least once a month I will come in and do a deep clean that will help the working technologist to keep the areas clean that they work in.


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