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Customer Service in the Cleaning and Janitorial Field

24 Nov 2021 3:25 AM | Leon Williams

Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business. However, not all businesses practice good customer service. In an effort to complete jobs and bids faster, cleaning and janitorial companies may miss great opportunities to provide good customer service.

So what is good customer service? Its meeting and exceeding a customer's expectations while also solving their problems and making them comfortable. 

Janitorial and cleaning companies can practice good customer service by making sure they fully listen to and understand what customers want when it comes to cleanings. Than can also ensure cleanings are thorough and and meet or exceeds the customer's expectations. 

Janitorial and cleaning companies who are members of IJCSA have been trained on how to provide good customer service. They routinely put the customer first and prioritize their needs. Customers who are looking to receive services from cleaning companies who will provide excellent customer service should visit the IJCSA Business Directory at to find a qualified and friendly cleaning company.


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