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Bloodborne Pathogens

03 Jun 2022 7:18 AM | Rebecca Hoffmann

Bloodborne pathogens are infectious micro-organisms that are found in blood. Some examples are HPV, HCV, and HIV. Once contracted, these viruses can't be cured. However, they can be prevented.

There is several key factors in being safe from these diseases. Use of proper PPE and the implementation of universal precautions are some examples; universal precautions is the approach that any blood, most bodily fluids, and sharps are treated as if they contained the bloodborne pathogens. This lowers the possibility of coming into contact with it; however, if is crucial to take the proper procedure if exposed.

It is essential to take proper precautions to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens. It is important for everyone to know proper procedures to ensure proper steps are being taken.


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