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Why is Properly Cleaning Healthcare facilities so Important

29 Jun 2022 2:04 PM | Kaydence McKnight

When it comes to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, there are a lot more germs and potential illnesses floating around than the typical business. This means the janitors and other cleaning personnel need to be properly trained and certified to handle these more risky cleaning situations. With the correct knowledge of bloodborne pathogens, cleaning materials/chemicals, and how to stay safe, cleaning personnel can peacefully clean the facility while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Without the knowledge of diseases and how to prevent the spread of them, workers in healthcare wouldn't be able to do their jobs properly. Illnesses and diseases can spread from person to person extremely quick if not dealt with right away. With educated janitors cleaning, healthcare workers can help their patients without the worry of potential diseases spreading everywhere. There are a multitude of instances in healthcare everyday, where disease and germs have the potential to spread throughout the workplace and infect everyone.

Fortunately, healthcare facilities have trained cleaning staff that have the proper knowledge of preventing the spread of diseases. Janitors must know how to safely clean up blood, vomit, and other numerous bodily fluids that have the potential to infect someone else. They must also be educated on how to clean isolated patients rooms as well as immunocompromised patients without spreading any germs/illnesses between rooms. Healthcare janitors must be properly educated on all things regarding medical cleaning such as disposal of sharps, disposal of toxic waste, and prevention of disease spreading. IJCSA offers extensive training for this which is highly recommended before you start your healthcare cleaning career.


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