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Importantance of Bloodborne Pathogen Training

24 Aug 2022 2:43 PM | Anonymous

When working in environments where blood and bodily fluids are encountered regularly, the bloodborne pathogen training is vital to any employee to keep them safe as well as anyone that is working around them.  Without knowing the potential threat of infection that may be behind every cleaning job; staff stands wide open for the threat of infection and disease and even has the potential for death.

Through following the regulations put into place by OSHA, workers protect themselves and coworkers by treating all blood and secretions as assumed infection.  With viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis as a primary concern and transmitted through these secretions, it is imperative to be meticulous when dealing with SHARPS and fluids.

The use of PPE’s are vital to keeping employees safe; gloves  and a mask can both prevent the spread of infectious diseases and are essential in the workplace and the knowledge of how to properly use them is just as important.  Through the knowledge of safe handling procedures and how to be aware as well as the use of PPE, one can remain safe through the use of the bloodborne pathogen regulations in what could potentially could be a dangerous situation.


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