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Importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens.

26 Jan 2023 9:02 AM | Yuliia Nintendo

It is of the utmost importance that maintenance personnel understand the subject of bloodborne pathogens, as this information is essential in eliminating the possibility of exposure to illness and in some cases, even death. death. I believe that all maintenance personnel should receive extensive training to understand OSHA's standard for handling blood borne pathogens so that all staff are aware of the visible and invisible dangers of handling contact with the blood, urine and, in some cases, the saliva of others. . That way, an employee can make more informed and rational decisions about how to proceed when decontaminating and disinfecting contact surfaces.

In today's post-pandemic environment, creating a safe, clean, and healthy space should be a priority for any responsible commercial cleaning company. At the same time, however, it must be understood that in this particular profession the risk of exposure is increased and can occur solely by coming into contact with someone with a bloodborne illness. However, the good news is that by understanding these potential risks, our staff can completely eliminate problems. That is to say, if for some reason an exposure occurs, a responsible leader will ensure that a written exposure and control plan is in place.

Garbage removal, linen removal, or even spill cleanup all have specific procedures that employees should know how to follow for personal safety. Protect yourself easily using PPE, color coding or labeling laundry, never manually compact the waste, dispose of exposed gloves, sanitize cleaning equipment, wash hands, Use red and orange waste bags, monitor symptoms and report any problems to your supervisor. Important components to eliminate direct contact with bloodborne pathogens. Ensuring that our employees return home to their loved ones, healthy and safe continues to be a priority for our leadership team.


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