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05 Feb 2019 6:07 PM | Deleted user


Vertex CCS is now a trusted green cleaning service vendor which means our customers can be assured that our cleaning methods are eco-friendly and health conscience. We believe cleaning needs to be done properly to keep your premises in top notch condition, but this doesn't have to happen in a harmful way that will hurt mother nature and your health. Trust us to deliver a quality service and make a difference by supporting Green Cleaning today!

Our Green Cleaning program includes, conducting full audits of our clients current cleaning status that will help to determine where there's room for improvement,. This audit will include determining what cleaning products are used and how cleaning has been done in the past. 

Once completed, a daily green cleaning plan will be drawn up stating the key ways in which cleaning techniques can be used that are more environmentally friendly. These techniques include the use of 'biodegradable' cleaning products. Micro-fibre cloths and mops can be reused and often used without applying harmful chemicals.  We also use other eco-friendly products e.g. high filtration vacuum cleaners, biodegradable bin bags and non-harmful chemicals. We understand that the best green cleaning program not only consists of products and equipment but well trained staff as well. Working together to preserve our planet and the people that live in it is our best policy.

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