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Being Green Cleaning Certified

09 Jan 2019 6:26 PM | Deleted user

Being green cleaning certified will benefit my company and myself by showing my responsibility for caring for the environment.  Using harsh chemicals that are toxic can damage the ecosystem.  There are clearly already more than enough problems with the ecosystem.  For instance in a Human Ecology course I took at University of Maine Augusta, it gives details on just how fragile the ecosystem really is. The slightest damage can cause numerous other problems.

Using safe cleaning ingredients not only benefits the ecosystem, it benefits other people.  Some people have medical problems that can be exacerbated by certain chemicals.  The choice to use non toxic cleaning ingredients is not only the responsible thing to do, but it is the best thing for the ecosystem.  Using non toxic also protects pets, which people tend to view as family.  Non toxic cleaners do more than protect the ecosystem, they put the harsh chemicals out of business.  

Utilizing certified green cleaning companies is a smart move for consumers.  Consumers that utilize green cleaning companies are viewed as equally responsible. Certified green cleaning companies utilize cleaning ingredients that are safer for the environment and ecosystem. If more consumers used green cleaning companies, the world would be a better place.  In my opinion safer cleaners equals safer environment.

Toxic chemicals lead to irritants in the environment.  Irritants cause erosive activity within the environment.  Toxic chemicals will add to the pollution in the environment and create more problems.  If I am certified as a green cleaning company it would create a happier ecosystem.  Animals and people benefit from non toxic cleanings.          

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