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Bllodborne Pathogen Safety

15 Feb 2019 10:33 AM | Tykee McDonald-Willis

After learning so much about the safety of blood-borne pathogen it makes me take every precaution on how to better protect myself and employees from here on out. The improper techniques of this area can lead to diseases and even as big as death in the workplace. As an employer, it is our responsibility to ensure safety for everyone including ourselves. At all times we must make sure that we are taking measures to increase our safety. Lets talk about some of the risks. 

It is crucial as a cleaning service that we decontaminate the areas in which we have been given the task, not only for ourselves but for others as well. Always place used materials into proper places and color coded bags. When done with cleaning it is a must that we disinfect our materials that we will reuse. As well, always make sure that you or your employees thoroughly wash your hands immediately after working. This is just the tip of the iceberg when protecting yourselves with blood-borne illnesses. 

Lastly, blood-borne can be dangerous and should be taken serious! We all play an important roll in this industry. To be sure that we all stay up to date on this very serious matter we could always re-educate ourselves on the osha website. I hope that we all are able to face these concerns with ourselves and employees when needed. Lets all reduce or eliminate the dangers of workplace exposure to blood-borne pathogens by putting what we've learned into place. 


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