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WAKE UP! Toxic Chemicals Kill People And The Earth!

24 Apr 2019 12:43 PM | Deleted user

A green cleaning program shines with plenty of benefits. Not only is the environment affected by toxic chemicals, but human health is at risk as well. "Green cleaning", or the use of environmentally friendly cleaning methods, may help reduce the great amount of toxic chemicals which harm humans and the environment daily. Having a green cleaning program is highly beneficial.

Making the world a better place is truly satisfying. If everybody just makes a small change it has a big impact on the earth. To start, reducing resource usage and pollution can bring acknowledgment from the community. Green cleaning improves self-esteem and efficiency in residents. Improved health becomes fewer sick days taken by employees. Liability from worker safety issues is reduced too. You see, green cleaning practiced by humans can both benefit their health and environment. Plus, benefits are increasing with more eco-friendly products now available. 

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