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Make it Clean with Green Clean!

27 Mar 2019 12:17 PM | Deleted user

There's a difference between "green washing" and "green cleaning." The contrast is important when searching for a green cleaning service. Companies who use a green clean approach provide safer and sanitary methods, unlike others. Beware of greenwashing companies who pretend to benefit the environment or use eco-friendly techniques. Important tools like lists of ingredients and Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services can be found on IJSCA's website.

Background Knowledge and reviews are notably important these days. It's significant for people to feel a product and/or service is worth its price. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association's list of toxic chemicals reveals a number of hazardous chemicals found in popular cleaning products and brands. A professional certified green cleaning service won't use any dangerous formulas, but does guarantee environmentally friendly practices.

There is no reason to pay for use deadly chemicals to clean up a mess. How does that make sense? Remember, "green washers" will never be as clean as a true green cleaning team. There is only one true green.

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