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Qual-Serv LLC Green cleaning service program implementation

29 May 2019 12:47 PM | Yocasta Reynoso

Qual-Serv monitors all inputs or procurements for energy efficient, reusable, recyclable and or biodegradable choices.  All procurements are selected based on a commitment to the preservation of the environment and safe to handle options. This selection process has proven to be cost efficient reducing on PPE and operational cost. We have reached out and selected “EarthCare” products as our prime choice for cleaning products. All cleaning is done in the most efficient industry standard to prevent waste.

We monitor our commitment through our waste streams. Rags are preferred over paper for reusability. Rags are cleaned using environmentally friendly products and with high efficiency washers to reduce water consumption. When Qual-Serv is tasked with waste disposal for our customers we implement recycling processes and use waste management systems that are leading the industry in environmental conservation.

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