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Qual-Serv LLC. An IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company!

29 May 2019 1:38 PM | Yocasta Reynoso


Qual-Sev LLC. Is Green Cleaning Certified by the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. This means that we have joined a business community that promotes:

-Service to the customers' satisfactions to the best of our ability.

-Professionalism in attitude, ethics and work habits. Continuous improvement in professional aptitude through education and training.

-A safe work environment for themselves, their employees, and their clients.

-The professionalism to perform superior work and the humility to seek assistance when an answer is unknown.

To be green certified assures you that our company and employees are trained to the latest industry standards.

Qual-Serv employees are trained professionals and back ground checked through the IJCSA. Our green cleaning process starts with the products we buy. We only use certified green, eco-friendly products that are equal or  better than the chemical used cleaners in the market. Quality is not spared and our green cleaning methods are effective and avoid waste and unnecessary contamination to both personnel and the environment.

We use recyclable products and tools. Rags, mops, buckets and reusable containers are all evaluated before purchase to ensure that meet our selection process and be considered green.  We

Have trained professional leaders that ensure every job is done right.

Qual-Serv utilizes Quality control through the process with step by step verification and Quality Assurance implemented in every job with verification evidence that every job was done to our customer’s expectation and in-keeping with our green methodologies. When you choose Qual-Serv you know that the job will done right and you have the peace of mind that only Green processes and products were used by highly trained professionals.


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