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The Benefits of Having a Green Cleaning Program for my Business

12 Jun 2019 1:20 PM | Andrea S & Blake G Hurlston

Our Company, Green Clean Home Care Services, which was launched in March of this year, is so far the only cleaning company on island that exclusively use bio-degradeable products.

This decision was derived as a result of the many, many years of us using traditional cleaning products in our home- a huge mistake!  Due to the extensive use of these products and not having he knowledge back then of what damages these chemicals inflict on us as humans, has taught us some lifetime lessons. We have suffered with severe allergies that have robbed us of fully enjoying life at times-due to being ill.

Prior to the business being established, we wanted to ensure we were not just a cleaning company listed in the directories, but rather a "Green Certified Cleaning Company", that will be a preferred choice and stand out from the others. We were so happy to have found a highly reputable international organization as IJCSA- who has the experts to extend guidance, and not only do they provide the knowledge at hand, but from what we have read from a vast number of reviews they deliver on their promise!  The awesome part is knowing they have all the information and resources a newly established cleaning company needs to start up their business, including the many open forums to knowledge-share information amongst its members. View member directory. We have learnt so much more by reading all the information posted on your website! This partnership is great.

The benefits of implementing a green cleaning program, means eliminating all types of chemical-based products that are harsh to individuals, their household, and the environment. Replacing these harmful chemicals and cleaning agents with Green cleaning products has a number of benefits which I have outlined below:

Health Benefits:

Making the choice to switch to a green clean program is best for the health and wellbeing of our company’ employees, our clients and their families and pets. For people with allergy/asthma conditions, using green products reduces asthma attacks by effectively keeping dust and chemical allergens away -which contains harsh cleaning chemicals. This also includes persons who suffer from skin issues like eczema. The use of harsh chemicals aggravate and cause skin breakouts through direct and sometimes indirect contact.  

Environmental benefits:

Going green positively impacts our environment by reducing the exposure to toxic chemicals. As we look around and see the environmental damage caused by use of industrial toxins over decades, that are being pumped into the atmosphere and domestic pollutants, all of which have made its way into our waterways and imposed incurable diseases. Employing green tactics to clean your home or office will establish a hygienic, healthy and fresh-smelling workspace and general living space. A Green cleaning program will improve the overall indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases released by using the harsh products. Switching to a green clean program will also reduce the amount of waste we have in our environment.

Brand & Business sense benefits:

Implementing a green program will most certainly improve our brand image and give us a competitive advantage. As a newly formed company formed in the 21st century, our approach is to think globally smarter and what is safer to our environment and people - which can only be by implementing a Green program in our business, work place and our homes. Having a certified green cleaning program that is internationally certified and meets these standards. will place our company ahead of the industry, giving us the edge on the market, being the preferred cleaning company in the Cayman Islands. There are far more benefits of having a green program in place, than not to.


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