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The Benefits of Having a Green-Cleaning Program

08 Jul 2019 3:47 PM | Deleted user


There are many benefits for having a clean program in custodial services operations. First, green-cleaning programs reduces exposure to toxic chemicals. Reduces asthma attacks by effectively keeping dust and chemical allergens at bay. Improves overall indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases. This is why switching to green cleaning products is good for the health and wellbeing of your people, and it prevents unnecessary chemicals from being released into the environment. Besides all this, a green program allows organizations to design innovative purchasing strategies in order to keep costs down.

First, allow to buying in bulk products; that will save you both time and money. Second streamlining purchases. For example when I work with businesses and look at their cleaning products, I find that often there are unnecessary products. Most businesses need just an all-purpose cleaner and a bathroom cleaner, so reducing your purchasing to eliminate unnecessary items will help to reduce costs. Finally, it allow to buying concentrated products, which might cost a bit more up front, but will save money in the end (while also reducing the negative environmental impacts of packaging).


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