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A Mold Cleaning Program You Can Trust

15 Jul 2019 3:03 PM | Deleted user

Having a mold cleaning program in place is imperative to the health of the users of any environment that is contaminated. Unchecked Mold can damage buildings but more importantly cause many health effects in humans. Effects such as, allergic reaction and asthma attacks are just few causes. The lack of knowledge on this matter by most people is also a concern and if addressed can have positive impact on how mold is handled in residential or commercial property.

CleanRite Intend to implement a program that will educate clients on mold prevention and the support we will provide in the remediation process.  We will provide training to schools and commercial property discussing key topics. What is mold? How does it affect you? What can we do to prevent it? What steps do we need to take to contain and remedy mold? This approach will arm our clients with the knowledge to make the first critical step in the cause of mold i.e. moisture control, cleaning up water damage wit in the 48 hours needed to stop mold. We will support them in the event when there is mold. We will discuss the steps we will take after an assessment is done and how we will follow up after the remediation to make sure they are working or living in a clean environment.

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