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Featured member


03 Oct 2019 6:51 AM | Martha Wilson

Providing top Customer Service at Imagann Cleaning Service, Inc. (ICS, Inc.) is one of the lifelines to our janitorial and cleaning business; and one of the many reasons we have been able to remain in business successfully for 20 years.  We feel that our excellent customer service gives us the ability to constantly and consistently exceed our customer's needs and expectations. The essence of exuding good customer service is key in forming a relationship with our customers and providing them with the same services we expect. We feel that good customer service will cause our customers to be satisfied and spread the word.

We at ICS, Inc. have had tremendous success on government janitorial contracting by being a member of IJCSA. Being a proud member of IJCSA, the certification courses help our clients and customers feel comfortable in relying on us to provide a professional service on a daily basis, more information available here IJCSA Business Directory.

We don’t just listen to our customer’s, we hear them. If one of our customers has a complaint, it is met with proficiency to correct the wrong and make it right as quickly & efficiently as possible. We train our staff to ensure they are knowledgeable in the services we provide that coincides with IJCSA standards, thus letting them know that being courteous and efficient is priority. We pride ourselves in being not only knowledgeable, polite and friendly, but also courteous when speaking to our each other and our customers in a pleasant manner at all times!


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