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24 Aug 2019 1:23 PM | Cindee Moyer

     Ocean Zone Cleaning Services will be marketed and promoted as a "Green Clean Company".  When bidding on a contract, customers will be educated about the benefits of green cleaning, and offered choices of green clean products.  In the best case scenario, customers will choose first from naturally homemade green clean products, and if unwilling to try them, they will then be offered  commercial green clean products.  

     Cleaning staff will also be educated on the benefits of green cleaning. They will be given actual scientific based articles and literature from IJCSA green cleaning resources.  A training period will need to occur, using homemade recipes for green clean products and trying them on actual household surface. 

     Finally, testimonials will be collected from clients that choose our green cleaning services and shared on social media websites to encourage other companies to consider changing their products to safe, nontoxic choices.  It is my strong belief that humanity needs to make a conscious choice to switch to green cleaning, in order to promote a healthier population and environment overall. 

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