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A New Clean that’s Totally Green!

19 Sep 2019 1:29 PM | Nichole Graham-Treston

Are you thinking of a healthier way to clean your home or business? Tired of choking on all those dangerous fumes from your cleaning products? Why not go green and still get a great clean? The IJCSA website has an amazing lineup of cleaning companies in its Green Cleaning Service Directory that are Green Cleaning Certified!

These companies are professionally trained and certified to provide you with an exceptional green cleaning service that’s guaranteed to have your home or business sparkling clean.  They are fully aware of the risks associated with using every day cleaning products and replaces them with ones that are naturally derived and environmentally friendly.

There are many toxic ingredients found in common household cleaning products and these professionals are trained not only to use healthier substitutes but also to make them! So what are you waiting for? Click on this link: and step into a new clean that’s totally green. A healthier option awaits you.


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