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The Benefits of Implementing a Green Cleaning Program

09 Oct 2019 8:13 PM | Deleted user

Through the implementation of a green cleaning service program into Sage Canyon Cleaning, there are many additional benefits that we can offer our customers.  By allowing only green products in our customers’ facilities, their employees’ health will likely improve.  This will reduce sick days, increase productivity, and save on costs.  By letting their employees know that they employ green cleaning services, their employees morale will increase.   Additionally, by letting the public know of their dedication to green cleaning, our customers will be recognized within the community for committing to environmentally friendly practices. 

Sage Canyon Commercial Cleaning will provide green cleaning services in Phoenix to our ecological conscious and chemically sensitive customers, ensuring that our cleaning services protect our environment and indoor air quality.  We will primarily use Simple Green as our cleaning and disinfectant product, and additionally we will use microfiber cleaning cloths. Microfiber cleaning cloths clean exceptionally well, often with less chemicals, and can be re-used rather than simply disposed of.  All of our staff will be properly trained and certified in green practices through IJCSA. 


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