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Customer Service For Cleaning Professionals

05 Nov 2019 5:49 PM | Deleted user

Customer services is a skill that all jobs require the skill in order to be hired for the position applied. Customer service is a skill that should come natural from every individual, but when it comes to a professional setting it is important to make sure on how you treat and speak to the customer. I personally treat people the way I would like to be treated by someone that I am barely meeting for the first time. My experience when it comes to customer service was that I was not an outgoing person, I was super shy talking to new people I would get nervous and loose thought or sometimes I would not know how to start a conversation at all. Now, after working 10+ years in the medical field I gain that experience in customer service which is not hard but many times you don’t know what to expect from the customer and working for a company you are limited on what to offer to satisfy the customer and not leaving the customer upset.

At IJCSA good customer service is making the customer happy with the services requested. For instance, listening to the customer needs, but making sure to get everything in detailed so nothing gets missed when the job is being done. Always confirming with customer of what needs to be done, that way the customer knows that nothing was missed. If a mistake was done, and the person assign to get the mistake fix it is always good starting by apologizing to customer and explain how the mistake is going to get fix, so customer has an idea of what is being done. When completing the job always good to have customer check to see if any details was missed, if so get them fix on the spot rather than returning and have customer wait for extra days. When a job is completed it is always good to thank the customer for their services.

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