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Carpet Cleaning

10 Nov 2019 11:49 AM | Deleted user

My plan is to implement a business that focuses on commercial carpet cleaning is important to have for my business. My process will begin with inspecting the area needed to be cleaned.  This will give me a good idea on how how dirty the carpet might be and the materials I will need to use.  It will be important to find a small area to test with my products.  This step is needed to avoid damage to my client's carpet.  Utilizing an agitating tool to loosen dirt is a key step before dry-vacuuming.  If the area is heavily soiled, a spot cleaner will be used.  These areas will be sprayed and agitated twice to ensure the product is applied and working.

Now that the heavily stained areas have been treated, it will be important to begin cleaning the area with a professional carpet cleaning machine.  The key is to clean in sections to be sure the entire area is covered.  Using an air-mover works for me to assist with drying the carpet.  The next steps to carpet cleaning is grooming the area.  For this, a carpet rake/comb should do the job.  

The most important thing to consider for my customers is health.  This is why I plan to only use environmentally-friendly products that get the job done and help save the planet..

Milton Cleaning Services provides a homeowner with the confidence that their carpet is being cleaned by a professional.  This certification provides me with the confidence needed to become a certified carpet cleaner.  Understanding how to apply the materials, different levels of soil and machinery is important to know due to various different jobs.  When customer see this certification, they know they have the right professional.



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