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Featured member

Step Up To Green Cleaning

17 Oct 2019 4:48 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Running a business, especially a small to medium size business, requires constantly pursuing a stellar reputation.  In the cleaning business, making sure that the actual cleaning job is done is extremely important, but ensuring that the customer is 100% satisfied is the number one priority. 

When advertising as a green company, the organization members have to know how to green clean.  Otherwise, clients who expect the use of certain cleaning agents, and also non-use of some others, may be disappointed if the wrong products are used.  Green cleaning certification provides the information that will allow cleaning companies to choose the correct materials to green clean.

In addition, being a green cleaning certified company is a feel-good step for business owners.  Helping people with their cleaning projects while contributing to saving our Earth is an impactful feeling.  It makes me as a business owner feel like I am contributing to protecting the environment and to the global movement of saving Earth and our civilization from its doom.

Finally, green certification has helped me to learn about harmful chemicals that I as an individual am now staying away from to help my own self.  I do not want to get sick, and the certification has taught me about specific chemicals to look for in cleaning materials and in other items, that can cause various ailments.  I now know to avoid those chemicals, and this will have a positive effect on my own personal health and on the health of my family.


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