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Featured member

The importance of educating employees on bloodborne pathogens

15 Nov 2019 10:06 AM | Ashley brooks

Tavion Rainwater 

The importance of employers keeping clean and knowing about bloodborne pathogens is something that is very important. these bloodborne pathogens can be very dangerous, as they can carry specific illnesses that can be very hazardous, and potentially deadly. Safety is always a key thing to think about when doing anything, and we as employers should know how to keep our work environment safe, clean, and healthy.

Us employees must take the effort and time to consider if our work environment is clean, and most importantly safe. Hazardous items could be found anywhere in out working environment such as in trash, or a puddle of blood on the floor or sheets, danger can be lurking anywhere. It is on us to make sure we wear the appropriate equipment for the situation, such like gloves when dealing with the sheets or trash. 

We have to step up and set an example for others, as the possibility of getting infected from a bloodborne illness is not very low, many people can potentially be at risk.  


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