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"How Being Green Cleaning Certified Benefits My Company"

04 Aug 2020 7:09 AM | Reggie Robinson

Being green certified and being listed on IJCSA Green Certified Directory helps my business in a number of ways such as employee wellness, cost, helps reduce environmental risk ,and marketing.

  • Employee Wellness- As a business owner I'm dedicated to providing the safe work environment for my team by being green certified and implementing a green program it helps show my team that we care about their health and safety.
  • Help reduce environmental risk- Most cleaning products contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by using green products we help reduce dangerous indoor pollutants.
  • Marketing- When potential clients see our company listed on the IJCSA Green Certified Directory they know we've taking all the steps to protect the environment, our employees, them, and their facilities . 
  • Cost- Being green certified save water, energy, & a lower cost for supplies overall, so it is a very smart decision. Win Win! 


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