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The Benefits of IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified

28 Feb 2020 6:10 PM | Tony Park

Being IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified will tremendously benefit Sir Speedy Cleaning Inc.. As the importance of safety is rising in the cleaning services, it is important for us to understand what it means to be safe for the customer as well as for the employees. The chemicals that are used commonly in cleaning services are chemicals that are very toxic to human body as well as to the environment. A lot of the chemicals are carcinogenic, meaning it is cancer-causing. Not only that, there are many negative effects on human body such as cognitive dysfunctions and respiratory problems.

For instances, chlorine is most widely used chemicals that are very toxic. It reacts with organic materials in the environment to create other hazardous toxins that can cause reproductive, endocrine, and immune system disorders. It is listed as a hazardous air pollutant. That is why we have our employees gear up with safety equipment such as masks, gloves, etc. As well as we advise our customers to prevent from entering into the room where the room was treated with chlorine until the room is fully ventilated.

We think, the main benefit we will be getting from being IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified will be employee and customer wellness. We will be providing the safe work environment for our employee by providing and implementing a green program. We will also be providing the safe environment for our customers who will spend most of their time in the room, etc. This will open up the doors for better customer relations with the company which can lead to many different benefits such as cost-saving, community building, etc. 

Also, as the green cleaning program promotes using biodegradable, recyclable products, it will benefit us in protecting the environment that is given freely to us. By using green cleaning products, we will be reducing dangerous indoor pollutants such as VOCs. These are the reasons why being Green Cleaning certified will benefit Sir-Speedy Cleaning Inc. It is a privilege and honor to be listed as Green Cleaning Services. You can find more companies listed on


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