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Featured member

A Good Housekeeper.....Is a Keeper

24 Jan 2020 6:34 PM | Charlotte Harris

Most of us can clean. Some have aquired the skill in childhood, some have learned it through knowledge and experience in the industury. But very few actually love to clean. And that is what makes for a good house keeper, or any kind of cleaner providing services. There are those who love to clean and then there are those who do it because they have to.

House keeping is something we do on a daily basis. We use dishes, we wash them, (maybe now immediately, but eventually) We use our bathrooms, we disinfect after each use. We make our beds, sweep up things off the floor and keep our garbage under control by making sure trash goes out every week. 

But let's face it, who has time for a thorough house cleaning every week? It's something we all desire to have but rarely do we have the time and opportunity to fully refresh our homes on a regular routine basis, according to each of our own personalized household demands. With today's busy schedules, it's pretty common to notice at the end of week just how fast and easy that dirt and dust piled up, right before your eyes. And there is nothing more satisfying to see that dirt is gone, house smelling fresh and floors shining. 

A housekeeper who understands all of this, who understands that each household has different cleaning needs, that each situation is unique and as equally important to the next, the housekeeper who actually cares about the cleanliness of your environment as if it were their own is the "KEEPER" for your household. Anyone can clean but a good housekeeper who cares is closer than you think. Find a good "Keeper" for all of your household cleaning needs in the" IJCSA house cleaning services directory"


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