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Cleaning Chemicals No More

29 Feb 2020 6:34 PM | Marilyn Nozaki

We have started already using practices of cleaning that minimize the impact on the environment. Moreover, it is also important have this policy on our company due to fact it is a way of making the customers aware that we care about the environment and human life. 

There are various substitutes of cleaning products, all natural, such as baking soda, white vinegar, isopropyl alchool, salt, lemon juice, borax. 

The benefits are of using green cleaning products are:

  • Productivity and morale of building occupants improved
  • Health of building occupants improved
  • Awareness
  • Reduce Liability from worker safety issues
  • Satisfaction from helping to make the community a better place
The use of the repetitive use of some substances can cause allergies, especially to those who deal with detergents, washing powder, bleach, fabric softeners and disinfectants. In more severe cases, the allergic reaction can lead to glottis edema reaching the throat, larynx, pharynx, trachea and bronchi, and, if there is no rapid medical intervention, it can lead to death. 

Our company is a IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified and can be found at


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