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Bloodborne Pathogens Are Very Common

09 Mar 2020 4:31 PM | Kelly Moores

Bloodborne pathogens and other contagious substances are very prevalent in today's world. It is because of this that following through on proper bloodborne pathogen safety is so important in stopping the spread of these unseen dangers.  Everyday we see in the news of the spread of things such as mercer and C-dif in hospitals and health care centers.  If procedures are followed through correctly then this would not be an issue.  but alas it is a real reality in many health care settings.  Not following protocol in the food service industry has also bought a new level of transmission into the world of bloodborne contagious pathogens.  

How then does one stop the spread of such things?  By following the bloodborne pathogen protocol when cleaning up various spills such as urine, feces and blood.  It is important to remember to use the right material for the job and to always use a solution that is specifically made to sanitize and disinfect.  Although there are several products on the market a proper bleach solution can also do the job.

Lastly, ensuring you have the right equipment for the job is as important as using the right solution.  Some of the equipment that may be necessary to utilize is as simple as proper gloves and goggles. While another job may necessitate needing to wear a full gown, mask, gloves, face shield, or goggles.  Having the right cleaning and sanitizing solution and the right equipment for the job is necessary in the fight to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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