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Harmful effects using everyday cleaners

23 Feb 2020 9:27 AM | Lisa Fields

Everyday products like bleach and ammonia release toxins back into our air causing Air pollution. The toxic products we use everyday is destroying our ozone. Our water supply is even being contaminated everyday when flushing  these hazardous chemicals in our toilets and sinks. Using toxic chemicals are putting a burden on our environment. With the burning of trees and the usage of toxic chemicals we are living in a world more like a toxic soup exposing ourselves to many different toxins at once. 

                      People who work with toxic chemicals are at risk of occupational exposure causing asthma. If you already have asthma or allergies these everyday toxic chemicals will only make your symptoms worst. You’ll also be putting yourself at risk of certain cancers cause by working with and around toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals can cause  your immune system to overreact in which you may experience excessive sneezing or runny nose or eyes (allergies). 

                                   Over Exposure to everyday household Cleaning chemicals are the reason for many unintentional poisoning. Over exposure to fluoride can poison young children. Be careful if your child is using toothpaste with fluoride it is not to be consumed. You can even be poisoned by the mercury in thermometers. Everyday toilet bowl cleaners are especially toxic and when mixed with the wrong chemicals are very dangerous. Disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaners release toxic gases in the air that will cause burning of the eyes, nose and throat. Please don’t poison yourself using these toxic chemicals everyday. 

                                         Over Usage of  toxic chemicals can cause mental health issues. Insomnia, dementia, and anxiety are some health issues cause by excessive chemical exposure. It even causes intellectual development issues making it hard to concentrate and even caused some memory loss. Be careful using these products while pregnant and around young children because of risk of development issues. Over exposure will even cause sleep deprivation, head aches and nausea. Please protect your employees, children, customers and the world of these toxic chemicals we’re using everyday. 

          IJCSA can help you find certified green cleaning professionals near you by using the IJCSA search engine. Going green and using natural products will protect the environment. Using natural ingredients like lemons and vinegar to clean will release less toxins into our air. We can reduce the risk of cancers, asthma and allergies using natural products. Less accidental household poisoning will occur when you choose natural cleaners. Natural cleaners smell just as nice as the everyday cleaners causing less harm to the environment. Companies that go green are usually very successful companies because they are more attractive to organizations. 


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