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Pathogens Are Real

04 Apr 2020 1:55 PM | Anonymous

Everyday, normal every people are exposed to pathogens that can potentially threaten the life and livelihood of anybody.  The video brings awareness to all environments of cleaning both commercial and residential.  There are employees that need to know what they are exposed to.

Blood borne pathogens exposures are not limited to just medical settings.  If any employee or staff at any building a janitorial service provider renders services are day porters or just an evening shifts, every employee needs to know how to handle vomit clean up since that is a regular in large office settings.  This cannot be cleaned up traditionally but with a high level of precaution and OSHA standard cleaning/disinfecting procedures.  More training is needed along with new protocols that will keep the cleaning staff safe and ensure the possible pathogens assess is very limited.

The PPE is that start of keeping your staff safe.  Along with OSHA training and supervising, your staff will know how to handle vomit clean up, blood splatters, and maintaining contaminated material.  Also, keeping your cleaning equipment disinfected is essential to ensure your equipment is not a host or carrier.


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